Warda Peternella


On Friday 5th June 2015 we tragically lost our beautiful mare Warda Peternella in a difficult and traumatic foaling. Warda was bought for Emma in the Equine Elite Auction 2012 to replace Banjer, her best friend who tragically died at just 6 years of age from a brain tumour.

With Warda it was love at first sight, physical perfection, in human life she would undoubtedly have been a super model. Not only beautiful on the outside she radiated beauty, warmth and love from within, she was the kindest, most gentle horse and an absolute pleasure to own.

We feel honoured and priviledged to have had her in our lives for just short of the last 3 years. She took Emma from Novice to Advanced Medium and won herself many new admirers and the hearts of many judges along the way.

Emma made the decision to put her in foal a year ago and we were excitedly looking forward to the arrival of her first baby. Her last 12 months were the happiest of her life, she loved being out in her field with our other brood mares and she positively blossomed in pregnancy. Her loss has devastated us all, and while we are left hearbroken we know that she will always be in our hearts and her spirit will always be with us. Rest in peace Warda, you will never be forgotten and will always be loved.