Producing Superb Dressage Horses


Littletree Stud, owned by Nicholas and Jane Woolley, has now moved to Whixall, in Shropshire, to a smaller farm.

We have bred horse & Pony Champions both here in the UK and America. In 2013, we received an award for the Best British Bred Four Year Old Dressage Horse in the country, which was presented to us at the British Equestrian Federation dinner held in London, January 2014.

Our young stallion Eldorado won The Potential International Four Year Old Dressage Horse at The British Dressage National Finals in 2013 and our young mare Littletree J'adore came 4th in the young horse finals at the British Dressage Nationals in 2016.

Littletree Stud Horse Breeding Nick Woolley And His Parents At A Team Chase In 1976 Shropshire Farm Nick and Jane Woolley






Now in his early sixties, Nick has been involved with breeding and competition horses all his life, competing in his younger years up to national level.

His Father used to breed Thoroughbreds and this is where he picked up all the knowledge and most importantly the eye for a good horse. As well as a good pedigree and especially a good mother line, the horse has to move and look correct.

Having listened and learnt from his father's breeding choices from an early age, Nick has a wealth of invaluable information which has proved itself over the years in Littletree's breeding programme.

Nick sees to all the foaling himself and has spent many a night camped out in the stables to make sure everything is going well at foaling time.

Nick says:- It is a passion of mine to be able to breed with a horse that has the right mindset to go and enjoy its work with good movement and an excellent pedigree.

Nick's wife Jane has also come from a competitive horsey background and is very pro-active in the running of the stud. Both Nick & Jane get their heads together when buying a horse and only when they both agree they like it, will they buy it. Having each other to put their input in helps greatly; two heads are better than one!

Their eldest daughter Emma competes up to PSG level dressage from her yard in Leicestershire and also backs and trains our youngsters.

We have a handful of top class mares producing a few foals each year for top class dressage competitions. We hope you like browsing our website and please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss any youngsters that we have for sale.

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